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Sunday, 13 January 2013

How to make a box!

Ok as promised and as someone has emailed me asking ... here is a quick how to on making simple boxes.

Please excuse the lighting as its a bit dark this evening so I've used my lightbox to light my desk! 

You need to start with two square pieces of card that are the same size
Ive cut an A4 piece of Crumb Cake in half and then cut the ends off to make them square, my squares measure roughly 14.8cm by 14.8cm

Score in from the edges 2cm on all 4 sides of ONE of the pieces of card
On the other piece score in from the edges 2.1cm on all 4 sides

The 1mm extra on the second piece of card will be the lid and make it just big enough to fit on top comfortably. Fold the score lines back on them selves its easier to fold them now rather than later.

Now you need to cut little notches so we can construct the box

Do this on all 4 corners of both squares

This is the fun bit! flip the card over (makes it easier to put glue on!)  and then stick all the tabs to the inside of the box 'wall' on the right 
I tend to use mini pegs to hold the two pieces together while drying but a paper clip or something similar would do

Leave to dry for a good 10minutes

Take the pegs off and all done! One Box! The more you practise and have a go at a few different sizes the easier it is. 

As long as the two pieces of card are identical in size and you make one 1mm bigger than the other you will be fine! 

Thats it for me for tonight Im affraid Im off to list some old crafty bits for sale on ebay to raise money for some new stuff :)

Good Night! xx

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