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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Pretty Box

Morning! Makes a change to get a chance to blog in the morning!

I said I would get a photo of the decorated box so I have it's not a great photo but I just wanted to show you before I fetch little one from school and head off to work!

Stamped onto kraft paper with a watermark ink, using a kanban stamp. The sentiment is stampin up the ribbon is also kanban and then just some pink paper! No idea what is going in it or anything I just wanted to try it out :)

Here's 2 more christmas cards i will upload to my Etsy once I have a better photo of them!

Sorry for the short post but it was a quick one before fetching the little one from school!

Speak soon xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

Not so everyday

Ok so maybe I was a bit ambitious with the hope to post everyday! We've recently changed the little one from afternoon school to morning school and were still trying to get back into a routine! I see less of her now and it really gets to me :(

So.... when i logged in today I have had 120 more blog views since last week! 'Hello!'

In the few days since I've posted last I actually have got quite a bit done! I've opened an etsy shop and closed down our ebay one! Heres the link incase you want to have a look, it's only got a few of my new cards in and our tooth fairy bags, Aiming to get the rest of our fabric garlands etc up this week or next http://www.etsy.com/shop/SpecialStitchesCraft

I spent the majority of yesterday die cutting all my dies into kraft paper and sticking them into a file, so now when I know I want a die I can look through and find the shape I want! I can store them away then when i decide on one I can pick it out. Thats my theory wether it's a good idea or not we will find out! I've also started with my stamps putting them into old cd cases and stamping them into the file too so I can look through and find what I want and also the cd case number so I can find it quick! Part of what slows me down is finding the paper stamps and dies I want, so if I organize myself hopefully I can turn out cards a little quicker!

My first stampin up stamp set came today (I ordered off ebay as it's the retired set heard from the heart I hadn't realized it had gone retired and panic bought it from ebay hehe!) Oh I love it! I do have a card i've made with one of the stamps but Im not sure of the quality I'm uploading it to the mac now so will see!

I decorated a little box I made the other day out of kraft card this evening, but the photo was terrible so I will have to try upload that tomorrow :)

Right let me have a see what photos I can get up for you this evening!

Heres the 4 final photos of my latest christmas cards

It was beyond exciting getting out the christmas lights for these photos! I almost didn't put them away!

Look at the little snowman candle! ... he is actually still on my desk......

The bottom box in this photo is the one I've decorated! You can see the transformation in my next post, I'm not happy with the paper trimmer as its ruffed up the edges on the card i used to decorate it but I wanted to finish it off anyway I can always make another!

Thats probably enough ramblings for tonight so I will try sort out this mac as it's not letting me upload any new photos and hopefully we will be ok to upload tomorrow and I will get some better photos of the new cards and the box!

Right off to sleep! Up early :(


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Late one


Well today I have been hard at it making christmas cards! Just 'clean and simple' ones but it was hard work trying to make them and entertain a 2 year old! Just been finishing off a few bits for a new baby book so tired now, so a quick post with some photies for you of todays cards. Apologies for the quality I will photo them properly this weekend but I wanted to get them up for you now :)

Have been trawling the internet looking for storage ideas, I really need to create a better and more efficient crafting area! Although its warm at the end of the bedroom it's not very big and Im considering moving down to the kitchen. Our kitchen has been knocked through with the kitchen so it's one big room but Im thinking of a storage room dividing system so make a little crafty area that's blocked off but i'm not sure hmm! Would just love a room!!

We shall see after christmas has been if I can work something out.....I could always bin the wardrobes hehe!!

So heres some photos of todays cards, I want to make a gift box for them too so they come as sets!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Card photo set up

So I did say I would post a photo of the unit I'm using to photo the cards I make, now that I've finally cleaned it up and brought it to my crafty area!

The picture isn't very good I took it with the iPad and the lighting is poor. But I promised to show and here it is!

It's not in it's home yet, I've not found where I want to keep it just yet so it's just in the corner. I intend to use the top cube for photographing cards etc and the rest of the cubes to store papers, the bug and other bits. Running out of space to keep everything!!

I've started putting stamps into cd cases then I'm going to stamp them into a folder so I can find ones I want quicker, but probably only put the ones i use the most for now as i think it will take a while! half the task of making a card is finding everything you want to use! I think I will do the same with my dies too. Just need to buy a cd rack now I'm actually surprised how hard they are to find these days! I guess that's due to no one using CDs anymore!

Right I'm off to make some more boxes! And get to sleep early! Half term is over so begin the early starts, and a busy day as I have cards in my head i need to create, two card orders I haven't started and boxes to play with and photo for you! (nothing fancy just trying out the ultimate pro hehe)

Night all! Xx

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Clean and Simple

Well last night my ultimate pro arrived! But I was at work so I got it when I got home early hours, therefore I've had a quick go today but my day off tomorrow is looking like a day filled with box and envelobox making! Along with a few card orders that have come in over the last couple of days.

So as I promised here's a few cards I made thursday! I love making a few 'clean and simple' cards every now and again...actually quite a lot hehe :)

I've also come across a new unit that I've decided to use to photograph my cards in and the results are better than the front room shelf or the untidy desk background shot!

I love the pink and then the pink background. The unit is an old shoe display unit from a high street clothes shop that is 5 cubes on top of each other, they were throwing it away as its got a hole in one of the middle cubes, I intend to use the other cubes for storing card and paper and maybe the cuttlebug but the top one is now my card photo 'studio' hehe! The pink spotted paper is Kanban. Very simple card, cut out a flower aperture using the xcut dies. The white paper here is plain card, stamped the sentiment which is a lucy cromwell stamp (it originally is 'thank you for all that you do' but I've cut it into two stamps. Stuck the kanban paper on then with 3d pads stuck the white on top and added a button with twine through the middle and a little silver gem.

Here is 5 smaller cards folded from A6 kraft card. Done the same as the above card only their smaller. The papers used are by My Minds eye, I absolutely love their papers! Cards are made the same as above only that I have used white textured coredinations card instead of plain white.

Then I was sorting through some of LO's clothes and there was a really pretty patterened red dress that was too small for her ... I've never tried cutting fabric through the cuttlebug, thought it was the perfect time and came up with this card

White on red co'redination card, with the same stamp and a little red gem. The flower was made using the different sized xcut flower die and one of the flowers that were cut from the middle of the smaller cards. all held together with a red brad. Simple and clean but just enough for this card I think.

Here's the card from a different angle too

Right that is it from me for now, I hope you like the newly added cards! I must leave for work now, so I will try and get the photos of some boxes up tomorrow.

Have a good evening all

Mel xx

Thursday, 1 November 2012


I would like to apologise for not blogging at all last week! I am still alive! Have been so busy with work etc that I didn't get a chance to craft almost at all! So today I have done all the housework, relaxed a bit and now Im about to tidy a space and craft the evening away!

Therefore not much to report on, so expect a new post this evening or tomorrow morning! I will try and make sure it is jam packed! So I better get to it and get something to write about!