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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Evening all!

Well my winter led promarkers came today, but i've not had a chance to have a play yet :( This is the 4th time yes 4th!! I've tried to write today's blog post, if it wasn't one thing it was another stopping me posting!

I have a few cards to upload today that I've done since tuesday

The first one is from the wellington sunny days disc, which I love! I think I need to spend a whole day just printing the images and papers out!

So I printed a few toppers, sentiments and papers out and came up with this on and 8x8 card blank

There's a bit too much blank space on there, but the topper with the bear and the major flowers is just gorgeous! I mounted all the pieces onto kraft paper to bring the little bear out, and the pink backing paper for the big flower. I think it needed a doiley but nevermind it can stay like this now :)

Second card is from one of the kanban card kits. I try not to buy card kits as I find them hard to work with as I like to create cards from scratch but I always buy their card kits I'm a sucker for them, I love the cardstock you get so I fall in love and before I know it I've ordered everything hehe! I'm not sure of the name of this kit but it's the first one I bought a few months back on a pick of the week.

I distressed the edges of the backing card and topper in dusty concord, it worked so well with the colours in the card! I didn't want to over do it as the paper and colours are so nice! Really nice kit for some quick beautiful cards!

Last card for today's post is inspired by Sarah who was on create and craft this morning on the show 'Create your own inky doodles'
I liked how she created the background so I had a go with different stamps and colours etc and came up with this, I really quite like it!

I think it looks quite christmassy, so Im going to have a go with some reds and whites at some point!

Now I am off to finish a card order and off to work booo!

Speak soon x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More Promarkers.....yay!

Just seen that Letraset have released their Winter Limited Eidition pen set! In less than 5 minutes I have tracked them down and purchased them....yay :D........Just aswell there's some space left on my rack for them!

Have dropped the small monster at school for the afternoon so now it's me time :) in peace and quiet I can work on something new, now I just need a cup of tea..... NO SUGAR :( argh! nevermind on we must go!

So today I thought I'd show you some images I've coloured with promarkers seeing as im excited to get my hands on the new set!

(Just realised this never published yesterday!! so ive clicked publish now hehe! will get a card up tomorrow :) )

Must dash we're watching Monsters Inc hehe!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A late one

Firstly apologies to anyone that noticed my phone decided to post the photos in the wrong order but I'm sure you can work out which is which!

So today... Got to do a bit of crafting in between chasing the child away from my desk, she kept pinching bits and opening all the drawers because I wouldn't take her to school......it's SSUUUNNNDDAAAY! You could go but you'd be by yourself....outside...in the rain...! Eventually she got over it!

I have 4 cards to upload but I've taken a quick one of them all together, excuse the quality it's dark now so I've no natural light to get anything better!

I've used some of the My Mind's Eye On The Bright Side (one) papers cut them down to only cover half the card, distressed the edges with 'Vintage Photo' sewn around the edges with the sewing machine (which I had to fix first!) then stuck it down. I used double sided sticky tape and put it ontop of the sticking to help keep it in place! White papermania flowers distressed a little with the same ink stuck down with silicone glue. Then wooden heart buttons with natural twine tied through the holes! Stamp is frooooom (let me just look) personal impressions.

I liked the flowery pattern to begin with but now I think I prefer the red, its warming :)

Quite like these so I'm going to add them to my online shop :D

I did do a christmas one in a similar style but I will leave that for another day as I forgot to photo it!

Ww before I forget..I used my new spoldgeaway mat today....LUUUUURVE it, never realised how much ink I was wasting till I used this! It's fantastic! makes blending so much better! Wish i'd bought the A3 one now hehe! Nevermind any splodgeaway is better than no splodgeaway hehe!

Right off to bed now!

.......If my mind can rest...so many crafty ideas swirling around tonight!

Night xx

Friday, 12 October 2012

Wasted day!

Well I'm writing off my phone from
My bed :( think a cold or the flu is coming my way! I was really hoping to get some more of my friends baby book done and to attempt a card for this months daring card challenge and it will be my first entry! Unfortunately I've not worked out how to attach links on my phone yet but as soon as I can bear to touch the aluminum case on the Mac I will link it in.

So a very unproductive day I'm very disappointed there's one of my only 2 nights off a week wasted booo!

So let's try attaching photos from
The phone then!

First photo is of one of the unfinished pages in the baby book, the baby girls name will be in the bottom right corner (not going to photo with name yet highly unlikely the new mum will see but just incase!)

Second photo is of a Lilly of the valley image I've colored for a commissioned card. I hope you like it! If anyone has any tips or advice to better it please don't hesitate to comment :)

Battery is low so I'm off for today!

Speak tomorrow hopefully a better day! Xx

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The beginning

Did not realise I already had a blogger account set up!

But now I have decided to start a blog, so I can join in with challenges and share inspiration with others :) If you can get any from me hehe! No idea what your supposed to write for your first blog post! Also I will try write something daily! I don't get a lot of time to craft not half as much as I would like :( but here is a little about me.... I got into card making just after christmas this year! But I have been dabbling in other crafts for years. Me and my mum have a facebook page and ebay shop under the name Special Stitches I may talk about this a bit through my blog as we create handmade keepsakes and gifts from fabric and wood! Actually later on I will post some photos and the link for our facebook page when we have refreshed it! 
I have a young daughter of two and a half which is where special stitches came from, being she has a name you can't get anything personalised with! I also work as a bar supervisor - completely un crafty job I'm affraid! I craft around the job and small child, little one does 2 hours 4 days a week in a nursery so I get those 2 hours to myself! I don't have any crafty friends *sigh* or joined to any crafty groups! *sigh x2*

Stamping is probably my first love with papercrafting, the ability to make things look completely different and unique from the same stamp amazes me to be honest! Very closely followed by colouring....i love colouring!!

Right that's me .... so on with it.....!

So for my first post is a commissioned card i made last week for a first birthday

Apologies for the photo I've lost the sd card for my camera!

Ww and I bought the crafters companion pen storage! So I better put up a picture of my organised pens, I didn't take a before photo but picture this 'a drawer full of pens that you can never find the colour you want rumaging for hours for the blender'

Still can't get hold of any little round stickers for the ends so I may have to improvise!

I'm currently working on a new baby book for twins for a friend so better get onto finishing that and its raining with my washing on the line suppose I better imagine the clothes are beautiful patterned paper and their getting ruined....I may move quicker!

Speak soon! xx